Prenatal Peek® – San Jose Prenatal Peek®
Prenatal Peek® – San Jose Prenatal Peek®
Prenatal Peek® – San Jose Prenatal Peek®

Prenatal Peek® San Jose, CA

Spring Special

Share the Moments and Miracles of your Precious baby with our Spring Specials
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Ultrasound Packages

Sneak Peek

  • Ideal for 16 to 24 Weeks Gender Determination
  • 10-15 minutes Personalized 2D Ultrasound Session
  • (6+) B/W Glossy Photos

Quick Peek Package

  • 15-20 minutes Personalized 3D/4D Ultrasound Session
  • 8-12 plus black and white
  • 4 plus color photos
  • Gender determination
  • Images Captured on CD-RW

Prenatal Peek® – San Jose Prenatal Peek®Baby’s First Peek Package

20% OFF for a Limited Time

  • 20 -25 minutes Personalized 3D/4D Ultrasound Session
  • 10-15 plus black and white
  • 6  plus color photos
  • Images Captured on CD-RW
  • Free Gift
  • Gender determination

Prenatal Peek® – San Jose Prenatal Peek®Super Peek Package

20% OFF for a Limited Time

  • 25 to 30 minutes Personalized 3D/4D Ultrasound Session
  • 12-18 plus black and white
  • 8 plus color photos
  • Images Captured on CD-RW
  • Video of your 4D ultrasound on DVD only
  • Free Gift
  • Gender determination
  • $10 off any large animal in stock

2 Visit Pre-Peek Package

  • This is the ultimate Prenatal Peek® package and is ideal for those who want to see how much their baby changes during the pregnancy. We recommend your first visit when you are in your 20th to 26th weeks as this is the perfect time to watch your baby in action! Live viewing of your baby sucking their thumb, kicking, stretching, or yawning.
  • Your second visit should be when you are in your 29th to 34th weeks of pregnancy as this is the ideal time to capture the cute chubby cheek shots and really see the definition of your baby’s face.

Prenatal Peek® – San Jose Prenatal Peek®

Recordable Keepsake Heartbeat Huggables

We now have recordable keepsake of your baby’s heartbeat which can be placed into one of our cute stuffed Heartbeat Huggables!

Bring-a-Friend Upgrade

  • Have a pregnant friend? Have her come in for a scan on the same day and both of you will get a FREE upgrade! (Upgrade from Baby’s First at regular price to Super Peek only)

Having Twins?

  • To ensure adequate time for both babies, only the Super Peek or 2 Visit Pre-Peek package may apply. We recommend you come in between 19 to 25 weeks.

Additional Items

  • CD-RW
  • 4×6 glossy photograph

We have been serving expectant mothers since 2003. Seeing your unborn child for the first time is sure to touch your heart. Using the latest in 3D 4D fetal imaging, Prenatal Peek® allows you to view your baby during a relaxed, personalized, and unique 3D 4D ultrasound session. Prenatal Peek® will record this non diagnostic 3D 4D ultrasound to preserve this magical moment for a lifetime!

Come and enjoy your ultrasound experience in a beautiful and relaxed setting. Watch your baby with family and friends on our LARGE FLAT SCREEN TV. We provide 2D/3D/4D ultrasound at our San Jose location and surrounding cities.
Prenatal Peek® – San Jose Prenatal Peek®#1 referred by OB’s and Midwives! Other ultrasound centers may “price match” However, Prenatal Peek maintains unsurpassed methods, standards & customer quality that cannot be matched. Why choose less!

Prenatal Peek®

841 Blossom Hill Road, Suite 208
San Jose, CA 95123 (map below)

Ph: 408-365-7335


Se Habla Espanol
Please visit our beautiful and relaxed setting! We are located nearby Babies “R” Us & Oakridge Mall! (Corner of Thornwood Drive & Blossom Hill Road)

Military Discount

We believe that our troops are one of our country’s most valuable resources. We salute you for your dedicated service and willingness to put yourself in harm’s way during these trying times. You and your spouses will always be treated like heroes at Prenatal Peek. Please mention you are military when you schedule.


  • Gender determination is available upon request on all packages, otherwise it will be kept a secret!
  • Prices and packages are subject to change without notice. Girl-friend upgrades, weekday specials and twins are not eligible for complimentary re-scans but may be scheduled for an additional $50.00.
  • We are an optional service and do not replace any element of your prenatal care. We only offer non-diagnostic ultrasound. We do not provide measurements or a determination of your due dates. You must be receiving prenatal care in order to use our services.