Prenatal Peek®   Myrtle Beach Prenatal Peek®
Prenatal Peek®   Myrtle Beach Prenatal Peek®
Prenatal Peek®   Myrtle Beach Prenatal Peek®
Prenatal Peek®   Myrtle Beach Prenatal Peek®

Prenatal Peek® Myrtle Beach, SC

Ultrasound Packages

Prenatal Peek®   Myrtle Beach Prenatal Peek®

$10 off the “Special” Pkg  through June

$10 off the “2 Visit Package A” Pkg  through June

All ultrasound packages except “Simply Bonding” are provided any day of the week, including Saturdays!

Simply Bonding – $50.00

Perfect time for this package is 13 – 16 weeks – Available weekdays only! 
This Package is great just to come in and spend a little time with baby prior to the 16 week gender determination!  Babies are so cute to see early on when you can see them in their little world!

  • 10 minutes with baby
  • 2 Photos
  • Family & friends welcome
  • Keepsake folder for pictures

Gender Only – $80 – Pink or Blue??

We recommend 15-16 weeks for Gender Determination:

  • 15 minute 2D ultrasound session
  • gender determination
  • 3 photos of baby
  • family & friends always welcome!
  • Add a DVD, CD-ROM or bring your own USB flash drive for only $10.00 each

“Special” Package – Gender Plus 3D/4D  – $120

See your baby in 3D & 4D with this package! Great Package for 16 weeks and up!
**Also $10 off through June! (bring in copy of this page)

    • 20 minute 2D/3D/4D session
    • gender determination
    • DVD of entire session set to sweet baby music
    • 5 photos of baby
    • family & friends always welcome!
    • Add a CD-ROM or bring your own USB flash drive for only $10.00 each

Precious Peek Package – $160

Our Ultimate Package! – schedule for any day of the week, evenings, or weekends.  We suggest coming in at 28 to 34 weeks for best images with this package.

      • 30 minute 3D/4D ultrasound session
        We actually allow you up to an hour for your Precious Peek appointment!! We don’t like to rush your time with us, because sometimes you need time to get up and walk around or drink juice, things like that – to get your little one active if in a little “sleepy time”!! . . . giving you an extra half hour for your appointment allows us time to do this to ensure the best images possible and so you don’t feel like you are rushed in and out!!
      • gender determination
      • DVD of entire session set to sweet baby music
      • CD ROM with all images captured during session
      • 8 photos of baby
      • keepsake photo folder
      • family & friends always welcome!

2 Visit Package A – $200

**Also $10 off through June! (bring in copy of this page)
You will enjoy the “Special” Package at a savings of $10 off through June!  When you purchase this Package on your first visit… we have added at no charge a DVD to your Gender reveal visit (normally not included) … come in to do your Gender Reveal and then come back to see your sweet baby later in the pregnancy…

2 Visit Package B – $260

You will enjoy all the favorites of the “Special” Package and the “Precious Peek” Package at a savings of $30.00… if you purchase this package on your 1st Visit we have added at no charge a CD to your Special Pkg visit (normally not included) when getting gender and seeing your baby in 3D/4D… and then come back to see your baby later in your pregnancy when baby is so full and amazing to see!!!

** Bring in your own USB flash drive and we can download your entire visit on it for just $10 extra!

Twins: $25.00 extra.

Price Match: We will honor any competitor coupon that is for the same package as ours, plus if one is lower than ours for the exact same package within a 60 mile radius, we will take an additional $5.00 off.

Picture quality: We do everything we can at Prenatal Peek to insure that you get the clearest images possible and we have a reputation of getting some amazing pictures of your little ones, but due to circumstances beyond our control such as baby’s position and placental position, some babies (very rarely) are not as clear as others.

Prenatal Peek®   Myrtle Beach Prenatal Peek® Military Discount (with ID): $10.00 Off the “Special” Pkg  & $15.00 Off the “Precious Peek” Pkg

After 10 years in the area Prenatal Peek decided to upgrade to the newest, state of the art in technology Ultrasound Machine! The images we are capturing are amazing… please also check us out and “like us” on Facebook as we will be posting often!! Make an appointment soon and see what we are all about and bond with your little one!

Seeing your unborn child for the first time is sure to touch your heart. Using the latest in 3D 4D fetal imaging, Prenatal Peek® allows you to view your baby during a relaxed, personalized, and unique 3D 4D ultrasound session. Prenatal Peek® will record this non diagnostic 3D 4D ultrasound to preserve this magical moment for a lifetime!

We have acquired an amazing reputation over the past ten years at Prenatal Peek of Murrells Inlet, for giving new parents and their families the best experience possible with their new little one on the way. When you step into Prenatal Peek you enter a warm, baby atmosphere with soft music & lighting, and a comfortable recliner for the Mommy-to-be. We are very considerate of the amount of time given, and the quality & quantity of pictures captured and given. Just ask around . . . you’ll be happy you chose Prenatal Peek. Come in and see for yourself and have an experience with your baby you will “treasure for a lifetime.

Prenatal Peek®

The Mallory Center
675 B Wachesaw Rd
Murrells Inlet, SC 29576 (map below)
Email: Deanna
or Kristi

Ph: 843-543-BABY
We offer Saturday & Evening appointments!

Sweet Baby Boutique

Palmetto Baby Designs at Prenatal Peek’s “Sweet Baby Boutique” and larger selection at Inlet Queens Eclectic Shops just One block South of Prenatal Peek on By Pass 17.   Shop at our all new Sweet Baby Boutique when visiting for your 3D/4D Ultrasound session…

…featuring all new and unique Mom & Baby Specialty items such as Stylish Belly Bands & Baby Slings in an assortment of patterns and colors, printed Mommy Tees, Classy Breastfeeding Covers, Bling Pacis and Paci clips, fancy Baby Wipe Travel Cases,Frames, and precious baby Gowns, Onsies, Baby Leggings, Shoes, Blankies, Bibs and towels in the softest fabrics & colors… Perfect for the new baby or Baby Shower gifts!! Ideal for Grandparents who want to welcome their new little one right away…We also offer Gift Certificates so Mom can pick out what she wants!

Special Orders… phone 843-457-8527

Sweet Baby Boutique #2 Now Open at Inlet Queens!

Stop by and see all the precious baby clothes. We’re just one mile South of our original location on ByPass 17.   All the “Palmetto Baby Designs” clothes are available.   We’re open from 10am to 6pm!

Anyone interested in purchasing a Gift Certificate can purchase one at our new boutique for $10.00 off per package of the advertised price online!!!