Benefits of Pregnancy Yoga

The development of the fetus is improved if the mother ensures that her metabolism and circulation is good. One such way is to do pregnancy yoga which keeps the mother physically fit and active at a time when the body naturally demands to be flexible. Yoga also helps women the cope better during the process of child birth. Carefully practicing yoga at home with expert guidance will keep a mother-to-be active during pregnancy and feeling great. Also yoga helps a women to stay strong during the entire process of the child birth experience.

Yoga includes breathing exercises that facilitate stress reduction during the childbirth process. It also creates better cycles of REM sleep. Doing yoga is very helpful in reducing overall pain and can even reduce morning sickness to a great extent.

During the first phase of pregnancy, almost every yoga position can be done by the expectant mother. Although there are no restrictions to the yoga positions during the first phase of pregnancy it is better to avoid any position that put stress upon the abdomen area. With the approach of the second trimester, a woman should avoid lying on her stomach in any yoga pose as this might lead to extra stress on the baby underdevelopment.

As always it is advised to seek out the advice of specialized yoga trainers who are professionally certified. These experts will create an ideal mommy and baby yoga plan. There are also many classes that invite both parents to join for yoga so that husbands may assist and share in the experience. Avoid regular yoga classes and select those studios that have certified trainers to teach you proper pregnancy yoga positions.

The author has been practicing yoga for 15 years and is part of a team creating yoga classes online which should make it easier for expectant mothers to do yoga at home.

The Benefits of Pregnancy Yoga

By Peter J Harris